Hello! My name is Boo Newell. Yes, this is my real name. I have had it since I was born. With a name like Boo I guess it was a given what I would be doing for my life's work.        I am a professional psychic based in Atlanta, Ga. I not only am a psychic but also a medium, and animal communicator. I am able to work with people as well as animals, from this side and the other side, to bring greater insight and clarity to the issues and experiences we all face.  I do individual consultations and group readings as well. I have also worked on several criminal investigations at the request of the families. I am able to connect not only with the energy of the victim, but also the perpetrator.  My psychic abilities have been with me all my life. My work as an animal communicator involves me serving as a connection between the animals and their people. By establishing this communication we are able to resolve issues that may exist in the areas of health, behaviors, and  any other areas of concern.  I am able to commune with animals on this side, and those that have crossed over.  I consider myself to be a bridge between the species to bring about better understanding and harmony.
  It was in 2003 though when my life changed after a series of traumatic and emotional events.  My devoted father died, I had to put my cherished horse down, and i was in a near fatal car accident.  These circumstances while tragic, led to a greater spiritual strength where I found myself tuned in to my psychic abilities. My skills encompass clairvoyance to clairsentience. This means that I am able to see clearly, hear clearly and feel clearly the energies around me.  I see and talk to ghosts to affect clearings of people and spaces by helping them go into the light.  I also use these skills to work with spirits from the other side to facilitate communication between them, and their loved ones still here, to help resolve unfinished business.  So much comes into my consultation process where I call on a team of spirit guides and angels, both mine and yours.
  I love what I do. Even more, I love using my God given abilities to help others.  I believe everyone has psychic abilities to some extent. Therefore a main goal of mine is to educate people about the psychic process through positive exposure to the psychic world. In this way they will feel empowered by it, not threatened by it.             
 Please feel free to contact me with any questions that you might have about me and the work that I do.

Thank You,

Boo Newell


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