What Boo's clients are saying...

  What I have enjoyed most about working with Boo is her insight about situations and issues  I might be facing. Her guidance is right on the mark, whether I realize it right away, days later, or sometimes after a few weeks. It's clear in her readings that she comes from a place of non-judgment and love. I have seen Boo dip into the past to shed light on the present. I have come to her in times of crisis,confusion, and chaos, only to have her peel away each layer of the problem, ultimately bringing enlightenment and peace of mind.

 I continue to turn to Boo for guidance and clarity, knowing that she brings the energy of my guides and her guides into the reading, and that she has only my best interest at heart.



   I cannot begin to tell you what Boo has done for me. She has facilitated a huge transformation in my life with the insights she has given me.  I had never gone to a psychic before and I was very apprehensive, but I knew  I needed some answers. When I met Boo her mannerisms were very calming, and her approach was reassuring. Boo is a very kind and gentle soul. She is positive, uplifting, and non-judgmental.I had been struggling  with a personal problem for a few years and she could see how crippling it was to me emotionally. With her guidance though I was able to finally break free and put it behind me. I never could have done this on my own. She is truly amazing with her gifts and talents. She was able to give me unbelievable peace over this situation.  In other sessions, she has given me positive direction with my life thereby enabling me to heal a lot of broken feelings within myself. At other times she has helped me communicate with precision to my deceased mother. I have been able to resolve a lot of issues from my past. I have highly recommended her to a lot of my friends and they have all been truly amazed by her talents.  Boo is the best in the Biz!!! You will be truly blessed by her help.

  Jenny Hobbs

   Boo is amazing! She taps into the psychic realm effortlessly, and can answer your questions before you have asked them. 

 Within a very short time of knowing Boo, I recognized that she was an extraordinarily gifted medium.   One hour with Boo changed my life.  I got my pressing questions answered,and so much more from my reading with her. I continue to seek Boo's guidance and have learned so much about myself... and with her help, I am more in tune with my own intuitive gifts.

 I cannot recommend her enough! 

   Teri Rice



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